Escaping from downtown to Tlalpan


Late Saturday morning can only mean one thing- indulgent brunch. And doing all the other cool stuff that you can do in the Mexi metropoli that don’t involve sitting in front of compu all day 🙂

A new bruch spot, although not close but totally worth the ride- La Lorena. I don’t even know what is the name of this neighbourhood but its somewhere por los Montes, meaning, where the streets are called after the mountains. (In Mexico City each of the neighbourhoods has its streets named after something- Doctores, poets, European capitals, Mexican rivers, etc.)

Lorena is the perfect Pinterest spot for pregnant girls discussing the colours of the baby’s clothes, or families with kids, or elder ladies having chit chat about their husbands, or teenager girls gossips… In general, the place is so cute and the speciality of the house, freshly baked scones of different flavours (we went for the Nutella ones) are such a good material for your #instafood shots… totally recommended 🙂


Almost every weekend there is some fair held in the city, this weekend it was time for the indigenous fair in the city’s main square, Zocalo. The whole place is filling up with Mexican gadgets, flags and decorations (Xmas style), you can really feel the massive festivities coming up.

It’s strikingly different than Poland, where Independence Day always meant nothing more than a day free of school and loads of boring and kind of nostalgic (the whole history of Poland is nostalgic, making Poles look constantly upset about something. Some article titled “how to survive in Poland”, written by an American, emphasized the smiling issue and how you should always be careful when smiling because you might be not taken seriously/ suspected to be scheming/ seem weird) speeches about liberation etc. No genuine happiness really.

For all the reasons mentioned above, I can’t wait for the 15th September. What I have realized recently is that most of Latin America is celebrating their independence this month: Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Brazil, Belice… Viva Latinoamerica! 🙂

Zocalo preparing for the Independence Day


Senoras de Oaxaca


However, downtown of Mexico City is always so busy, not dangerous but I instinctly always grab my bag tighter, and I rather wouldn’t go there myself. An afternoon in the center might be truly exhausting, yet in the heart of Downtown we found this:





After a visit to Zocalo, you might want to escape the city for a bit and just spend some time somewhere more relaxed. Way down South, there is a this magical little barrio Tlalpan. Cobbled streets, tiny Sunday market, vintage coffee shops and little restaurants with traditional Mexican menus (and one Italian, absolutely empty) with tables outside so you can watch passersby on the main and the only square in the zone.


Tlalpan and the prehispanic signs


Names deriving from prehispanic language


The best coffee in Tlalpan


The typography
Sweet potato Man

As the best restaurant was opening in more than an hour (we couldn’t spend an hour walking around Tlalpan as it only has like 4 streets), we consulted Tripadvisor and decided to try out Arroyo.

Arriving, I was kind of discouraged by the massive queue (which on the other hand is always a good sign when it comes to restaurants) that kept us waiting 20 mins, but it was soooo worth it.

This massive big restaurant, turned out to be the hot family spot (and I mean those families with 5 kids 10 cousins 15 aunties and uncles and so on). The food looked good, the seasonal favourites were on the menu: Chile en nogada, Guisanos de maguey, barbacoa (which is not barbeque), obviously  quesadillas, sopes and tostadas. Some veggie options like delicious spinach patties with tomato sauce or stuffed chile.

I coulnd’t hear what was ordered for the starter, so I was completely stunned when I’ve seen the plate of fried worms accompanied by guacamole.

I mean, it took me years to convence myself that fish was OK, and only certain types of it, seafood makes me sick and I can’t even stand the thought of eating chicken or any meat. So worms??????????

You have to try those things once in your life, but it honestly was a struggle.

The best strategy turned out to be stuffing the worms in taco with lime, spicy sauce and guacamole not to look at the worms texture (hehe). I don’t think I would order it again but I wouldn’t refuse to eat it either (it I had NO other choice of survival).

Also, soon the place was filled with mariachis and Veracruzan music and dances, so there was really nothing more I could ask for.


Fried pigs skin
torreador, bull fights are still popular in Mexico
Guisanos de maguey/ worms from tequila plant
Fired worms/ prehispanic seasonal deliciousness
Classic Tlalpan art
sunday mood/ mariachi
the great mariachi
Cafe la Selva


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