Yo, el Ciudadano/ Me, the Citizen

Bellas Artes is one of the most emblematic buildings of  Mexico City  and it often hosts various interesting events or expositions.

Recently, it has exhibited almost 300 photographs of Nacho Lopez. His photographs are super famous and he’s especially known for his city-pics, a must-see for every Mexico City maniac like me.

But before getting to Bellas Artes, I have experienced one of the weirdest moments, when randomly bumping into a massive big group of  half naked man, dancing cumbia in the middle of the street.

Manifestations are really happening in the city every single day. When working in the UN here, I was advised to always check my email with the updates on the potentially congested areas and avoid them at all costs. And every day there would be like 3 or more notices about the upcoming demonstrations.



The manifestation worked, at least for me as I have learnt about the Movimiento de los 400 Pueblos  (Movement of 400 Villages). The demonstrators seek justice and accuse some the government of the state of Veracruz of violating human rights and enriching himself illegaly, imprisoning peasants from 400 villages. 

When getting home and asking my roomie about the whole Veracruz thing, he just said

Yo no se nada de estas cosas, pero Veracruz está cabrón. 

(“I know nothing about those things, but I know that Veracruz is heavy”)



Anyways, when finally getting to Bellas Artes…




I found much more than I was expecting- the murales of Diego Rivera!

Man at the Crossroads, 

also known as “El hombre controlador del universo” originates in 1993- Rockefeller Center, New York. The work of Rivera was destroyed right after being finished-portrait of Lenin which was a part of the painting wasn’t much to the likening of the Rockefeller family.sacar

Many of the details that we can now see in the mural in Bellas Artes in Mexico come from the New York original. It has a pure political character and is full of symbolism: there is a critique of capitalist world, the struggle between the social classes. The greek sculpture representing the western- world values; there is the fall of fascism; there are the important personalities as Marx, Engels, Trotsky (who stayed with Frida and Diego for a while in Mexico).  trotsky-780584

Diego Rivera murales


Mini Bellas Artes



Me, the citizen


One of the most famous photographs is indeed the one picturing Bellas Artes:


My favorite of all was the series of pictures showing a young Mexican taking a female manequin on a “date” around the city and the other scenes from everyday Mexico City.



“La Venus se fue de juerga por los barrios bajos”




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