Babaquiles y cumbia

Whenever I am asked what is my favourite Mexican dish I say chilaquiles. 

This irreplacable hangover cure which is also healthy (loads of veggies and cilantro) and super pretty (you’ll defo get your likes on Instagram for posting a chilaquiles pic) is the best way to start off your morning (or afternoon). For an ultimate cooking sesh, season it up with some cumbia from chef&DJ Babis:

Ingredients for Babaquiles:

  • half a kilo of green tomatoes
  • 2-3 chiles serranos (the green ones) depending on how spicy you want the salsa
  • half a kilo of corn tortillas – unfortunatelly the flour tortillas, the ones usually avaiable in european shops don’t work out here… If you have access to corn (however again, not the sweetcorn you see on every supermarket shelf) you can go further and make the tortillas yourself, find the recipie below
  • a cup of cilantro
  • one onion (for the prettiest chilaquiles, use the red onion to get those instagram colorus)
  • queso fresco, to serve
  • sour cream, to serve
  • two garlic cloves
  • oil, for frying the tortillas


  1. Place tomatoes in a large pot with some water (enough to cover up the tomatoes), together with 1/4 onion and a pinch of salt
  2. Cut tortillas in totopo pieces (a person with a non-mexi experience would call them nachos; can be triangles). Fry them in a large pan and stir from time to time.
  3. For the salsa: blend tomatoes, chilles, onion and garlic, with a cup of water and half a cup of cilantro
  4. After blending, pour the salsa in a large pot and leave it to cook for a bit on a low heat
  5. In the meanwhile, keep an eye on totopos and keep stirring so they don’t burn
  6. Put another cumbia on :


7. Put the totopos together with the salsa in one pot and cook it for a minute

8. Serve the chilaquiles: pour some sour cream, queso fresco, a bit of onion, cilantro and, if you want, scrambled or fried egg on top. Enjoy, best with some freshly squized orange juice 🙂


Check out more beautiful chilaquiles here and here , and if you’re in DF, try those hotspots.





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