Mexi Movie Marathon #1


Although the Golden Era of cinematography has passed, nowadays Mexico still has a lot to offer. 

For the start, it is the largest movie producer in Latin America, also hosting the most prestigious film festival in the region, taking place in Guadalajara.

The Mexican cinema industry grew significantly during the 1930s and 1940s. The movies were supposed to reflect the “real Mexico”, as opposed to the false image of the country often represented in Hollywood productions. What is more, Mexico managed to dominate the Spanish-speaking movie industry (the fact that Spain and Argentina, its biggest potential competitors were ruled by fascist governments might explain that).

Today, probably the most recognizable personalities would be:

  • Alfonso Cuarón, director: ¨Y tu mamá también¨, ¨Gravity¨
  • Gael García Bernal: ¨Amores perros¨, ¨The Motorcycle Diaries¨, ¨Bad Education¨
  • Salma Hayek: ¨Frida¨
  • Lupita Nuong´o : ¨12 Years a Slave¨
  • Diego Luna: ¨Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights¨
  • Alejandro González Iñárritu, director: ¨Amores perros¨, ¨21 Grams¨, ¨Birdman¨, ¨The Revenant¨


Being in Mexico makes me see everything really different. Before coming here, I have unfortunately watched ¨Cartel Land¨ and ¨Miss Bala¨, both of them just confirming my fears and the vision of the country as ruled by cartels, with high risk of being kidnapped. This image of Mexico I had has changed by 180 degrees since I was panicking at the airport right before boarding the plane.

I became an addict of ¨Club de Cuervos¨, probably the funniest series I have ever seen. Not too sure if it´s as funny in English or without ever living Mexico but you can still give it a try:


…and if you liked the main character, watch ¨Nosotros los Nobles¨, where you can also see the perks of living in Mexico both as a richman or as a bus driver/ cantina waitress:


…the main female character appears in the new light-hearted comedy, also featuring one of the coolest hotels in Mexico, an alternative to the Acapulco’s main street “Ibiza” , Boca Chica.  


¨Instructions Not Included ¨ is a truly heart- warming one, touching upon the life Mexicans in the US and gringo-Mexican relationships :


¨Amores perros ¨ depicts three stories of people from different backgrounds who, at the end, come across each other as a result of an accident, starring Gael García:

¨La Ley de Herodes ¨ :


The most recent, touching upon the sensitive topic of (illegal) immigration to the US:


Here are some alternatives:

And one of the latest, starring Ludwika Paleta, a polish actress appearing recently on many of the city’s billboards:





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